Gang Violence Program Analysis Paper

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The city of Memphis is in need of a program that will reduce the amount of gang violence present within the community. The City Council is having a difficult time proposing a program without the essential expertise, that’s where I come in.
The intervening variables of the program must be revealed in order to propose a program that will be both effective and beneficiary. By understanding the variables that could possibly have a positive or negative affect on a program and its participants will result in a higher probability of success. It is better to be aware of something than for it to go unknown.
For example, to assist with my City Council, I am in the works of planning a program called Saving Our Youth (SOY). However, before I call release
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In fact, SOY’s mission is to offer an alternative to gang involvement; therefore, every youth who participants in SOY must feel comfortable and welcomed.
And the last task is to assure SOY is accessible to everyone who may want and need the advantages of this program. In this instance, further research must be completed to become informed of Memphis being poverty stricken. As well as educationally depressed.
As a result, SOY will minimize activities and experiences that may be high in cost; in addition to, offering transportation to events or holding events at the school’s of the participants. While on the subject of schools, SOY will not only be a program to reduce gang violence, but also educate its participants because education is key. And living a life of gang violence behind will open more doors to continue education, get a job, and become active member in the community of Memphis.
To conclude, prior research is essential when proposing a program. It is best to know the variables that may interfere with a life-changing event before it happens. This way there are no surprises and there is more opportunity for making a change, rather than revising the program. The participants of the program should be the prime concern, not the

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