Gangs In Prison Analysis

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Prisons are a very rigorous punishment. Prisons are buildings for the confinement of persons held while awaiting trial, persons sentenced after convictions. There simply must be a prison system or society would rapidly descend into chaos. Criminals would run rampant on the streets, anti-social behaviour would spiral out of control, and society would be gripped by a culture of fear and lawlessness.Prisons serve to create justice and impose the dominance of established power. And that their abolition would pave the way for a system of chaos which would result in increased crime, violence, and coercion without the threat of severe punishment to those who wish to turn modernized society into a dystopian civilization. With the idea of prisons – in their modern format –…show more content…
According to Pascal Emmanuel-Gobry “in prison, criminal gangs flourish,(1).” However, there are many gangs outside of prisons that have many crime related activities with none of them being in prison, as well as the fact that many gangs that are flourished in jail and prison were started on the outside or based on outside prejudices. Emmanuel-Gobry also goes on to say “prisons become a graduate school for crime,(1)” If this is true than why are there the many first time offender who go to prison and never commit crime again. It is based on the mentality the people are given. Many people can go to prison and get there act together however it is the ones that were told by society that they are going to be failures and criminals that go on to become more hardened criminals. Finally Emmanuel-Gobry states that “prison, by design breeds crime and social dysfunction,(1).” However it is shown that those who feel as though the government if failing that tend to either commit crime or try to change the
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