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It has become common today to dismiss the effects gangsta rap has on society due to its popularity. Society is aware of the negative societal effects gangsta rap has, however, society continues to ignore the negative messages conveyed. Eric K. Watts argues through the media gangsta rap normalized the communication of oppression, violence, and misogyny; gangsta rap has become a commodity. Rappers assert their authority in the streets through violence and appearing superior to women and anyone else. Watts states owning “an attractive young woman builds a young man’s self-esteem.” By possessing a woman men appear strong to other men; gangsta rap music enforces this message. In addition, rap assists participative in an economic exchange where the…show more content…
Watts theory of gangsta rap is extremely useful since it sheds insight on the difficult problem of the complexity of the influence of rap music on society. Watts argument made a great deal of sense because it is apparent in society today. People are fond of listening to gangsta rap; thus, it only would be logical to continue producing it. Rappers obtain a criminal record after becoming famous simply to uphold their status as a legit gangsta rapper. I agree greatly with his claim that critics should be more attentive to the relationship between music and its consumers. Music has a significant impact on the people who listen. Watts is extremely insightful about the issues of gangsta rap and illustrates the complexity that exists. Although Watts claim's may seem trivial, it is in fact crucial in terms of today's concerns over what society accepts. Rap artists convey the "street life" and producers market it to consumers. Thus, consumers listen to it and find it edgy and different and in result relish it. They enjoy it despite the commodification that is occurring. It is common in gangsta rap to commodify violence and objectify women. However, people accept that since rap artists are simply trying to "make a living." Watts' claims are compelling and allow society to observe deeper into the reality of gangsta

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