Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It Poem Summary

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The poem that I have selected to analyze in this paper is you can make them talk by Basavanna, the song that will be analyzed in conjunction with this poem is Gangsta Rap Made Me Do it by Ice Cube. The main theme behind Basavanna’s poem is that by inflicting pain or damage against a person or population you can make them “talk’’ meaning that they can truly see the events that are unfolding. “Talking” opens people’s eyes to a real world situation and the desperation that they are in, they begin to become concerned if they have been struck by suffering or anguish according to Basavanna, this can include Poverty the Magician.
The song Gangsta Rap Made me Do it by Ice Cube has a very similar impact of opening people’s eyes to a real world situation whether it is a school shooting, terrorist attack or foreign war. The tone of the musical piece presents many of today’s issues such as the lyric “if I shoot up your college aint nothing to it gangsta rap made me do it.” This line is interpreted as gangster rap being affiliated with gangs and crime and that it has influenced many school shootings such as Virginia Tech and Columbine which were also consequently blamed on by the media due to
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This can be observed towards the end of the song in which Ice Cube speaks about these wealthy African Americans getting on live TV and talking about gangsta rap and its negative influences, with this not necessarily being limited to the these people but encompassing the entire media as well. “Cause 9 times out of 10 you don’t know the f**k you talk about, talk about that bulls**t rap you

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