Gangsterism And Prohibition In The 1920's

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Prohibition Back in 1920, the terms of the 18th Amendment was brought to attention which caused prohibition. There was no manufacture, sale, or alcoholic transportation due to the legal prevention of prohibition. Much conflict occurred in The United States due to this. Things like, gangsterism and people illegally drinking alcohol. The gangsterism during the 1920s/Prohibition was a big part of history. There were gangsters in mostly every city during this time. One of the most known gangsters was Al Capone. Al Capone was with Chicago. He was working for Johnny Torrio in the 1920s when he moved there. He was The United States number one enemy. It all started in 1925 with Capone when Torrio handed him over his business because of Torrio…show more content…
He served 11 years in prison and got charged with tax evasion. When he was released he went to Florida for his retirement and is no longer feared. Other than all having every state in The United States having gangsters, there was more illegal events happening throughout our country during prohibition. People would illegally transfer alcohol. This was called rum-running/bootlegging. Southern California was known for rum-running/bootlegging. The location of Southern California was more convenient to do this because of it 's large population and wide landscapes. It was only easy at first though because the miles of rudimentary coastlines between Ventura and San Pedro. Frank and Tony Cornero were the brothers best known for rum running. Tony would show up and claim that he is the owner of The Rex. In the 1930s The Rex was the disreputable ship that would operate off the South Bay. The Palos Verdes Peninsula that was located in the South Bay became a favorite spot for rum running. Rum running ships from Mexico or Canada, would bring their illicit cargo. Some of the smugglers from these areas would also be holding the illegal possession of…show more content…
Imported liquor made the hills in Inglewood on January 1925. The liquor there had counterfeit labels and was some of the best liquor you could get. Soon later the liquor was seized and the owners were arrested. It eventually got to the point where there was no liquor left. Arrests were still being made though for liquor as late as 1933. St. Louis, Missouri; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Alexandria, Virginia were known for their brewing. During prohibition the companies that would brew, had no way of having business. The Robert Portner Brewing Company was the leading brewing company located in Alexandria. It was known as one of the biggest distributors in southeastern United States. Overall, the Robert Portner Brewing Company was one of the biggest hits in Alexandria. Robert Portner was the man that was the start of this company. He was just a natural businessman from the beginning. He came from Westphilia, Prussia in 1853. Before he became big in his brewing company, he spent eight years in business with venues. Portner never seemed like he had any intention to start a brewing, but that changed soon. The violence of the civil war lead him to his

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