Gangsterism In School Essay

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Violence and crime in schools is threatening nowadays of the young people in Malaysia. Eventhough national efforts to restore a culture of learning and teaching, incidents of theft, burglary, vandalism, gangsterism, rape and even murder are reported on school grounds. Before we drive into the issue of gangsterism, let’s try to make a difference between gangs and gangsterisme. Gangs are not so bad but gangsterism absolutely is bad. According to Oxford dictionary, the term of ‘‘Gangsters’’ can be defined as – A member of group of violent criminals and Gangsterism can be described as the use of trikery associated with gangsters, as threatening or violence, in order to achive something.
The gangsterism issue in Malaysia is a hot topic as gangsterisme has been reported in many time by the media in Malaysia. In a study on “Gangsterism had let the school become a hotbed of gangland activities” by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Crime Prevention Foundation of Malaysia reported that serious improper handling exhibited by secondary
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Students feel threatened by the gangster members, and therefore are afraid to attend class. Gangster members have been known to steal students’ supplies, hindering learning even more. Gangs in school are a big concern of staffs, teachers, students and families. In addition to the disruption of classes, there are other same issues that have a negative impact on the students who are the targets of the bullying. Some students may be harmed by gangster members, including taking money by force, or fighting at rest time or after school. Dealing with the gangsterism takes away from the time teachers need to instruct their students thus will create an ineffective teaching and learning environment. Gangs had bring troubles and disturbing the classes and undermine the educational goals of the teachers are striving

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