Gap Between Rich And Poor Essay

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The gap between the rich and poor in today’s society is increasing more than ever. Inequality in nations/countries obviously affects the poverty stricken population more than richer population, affecting every aspect of their lifestyle. Income is a major aspect that causes inequality because, as much as we’d like to think money can’t buy happiness, it can buy food, housing, education and healthcare; all things that affect the general wellbeing of people. For e.g. while in the past 10 years, those with a high socioeconomic status have been consuming diets of better quality, those on the lower end of the spectrum have been consuming less and less quality foods ( D, Weiss, 2014). The ‘gap’ between the 2 groups has widened so much that in the time period of ten years (2000-2010) it has actually doubled (D, Weiss, 2014). This is just one example of how the rich are getting more, taking more, earning more etc., and the poor are left behind with less and less. There is no argument that what is happening between the rich and the poor is wrong. Some may say that the rich are working hard for that money they are receiving when in fact the poor are working extremely hard, sometimes ten times as hard, to achieve even half the…show more content…
Although, as mentioned before, there a many catholic organizations and charities that are dedicated to the poor, the Catholic Church could do much more considering the amount of influence and resources it has. In terms of the limitations of responding to this world-wide issue, it is a massive issue to tackle so it is imperative that everyone, including the church, gets behind a common cause and develop a plan that spans longer than just one ‘event’. To achieve complete equality between the rich and the poor, at least in terms of the opportunities they receive, constant actions need to be undertaken probably for the next several
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