Gap Inc Corporate Social Responsibility

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[Gap Incorporation]
[The Company That Has Dealt With Public Criticism From Various Stakeholders]
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Businesses are managed through the use of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which is the systematic approach used to incorporate social, economic and environmental benefits into their business activities and into their conversation with their stakeholders. By comprehending their stakeholders, businesses are able to monitor its own development and influence and there are various drivers of corporate social responsibility. The external (investors, consumers, public authorities, non-governmental institutions, trade unions and so on and so forth) and the internal
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Also, by proactively engaging in corporate social responsibility, organizations such as Gap Inc. will be able to enhance “value” and also their position in the market. Therefore, businesses need to understand the nature of their corporate social responsibility engagements, control the expectations of their stakeholders, be distinct about their limits in order to avoid criticism and possibly future negative impacts. References
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