Garage Door Opener Essay

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Some people take a lot longer to choose the best garage door opener for their garage than it actually should take. This is often due to the large availability of different brands and manufacturers to choose from. This is often what is called analysis by paralysis, where there is too much information to make a sound decision. There are ways around this problem though. A trick to focus on is to keep simple but important factors in mind such as stability, reliability, safety and easy of maintenance. The choice also depends on the kind of garage door you want to have as well as what method of installation you choose and of course your budget. Here is a word of advice which will help you make the right decision and will save you a lot of time.…show more content…
The benefit of the screw drive is that it has few moving parts that demand the least maintenance. The next issue is the power of the opener. It depends on the size of the motor and the electrical current. There are three standard motor sizes for garage door openers: 1/3 horsepower, 1/2 horsepower and 3/4 horsepower. A garage opener with 1/3 hp usually opens a single door. A 1/2 hp opens a double door and the 3/4 on is good for oversized doors. The choice of manufacturer is not the last issue you need to deal with. Due to the wide range of brands it is difficult to figure out which is the best in your case even if you know your preferred manufacturer. Manufacturers such as Genie and Liftmaster are known all over the world, and it is wiser to stick to those instead of going for a cheap and "never heard of" brand. The Genie company was founded in 1923 and it produces a wide variety of products. They offer a good choice of garage door openers. They are well known for their high power remote-controlled systems. The garage openers of this company can be installed on single and double doors. They are considered to be quiet and reliable, which is one of the reasons why they are so
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