Garber High Case Study

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Perfect Student Of Garber High

Garber High was a life changing experience for some of us. It was challenging. There was no talking back to teachers, no “getting out of class just cause”, nothing. Garber high had many clubs available to join such as: NHS (National Honor Society), SLS (Students Leading Students), Student Council, etc. If being apart of those clubs was us, they thought highly of you. Not one student at Garber was treated differently. The time at Garber is really who they make it to be. They decide which path they choose to follow, they choose what career in life they want to part take it. Colleges left in right visit and they choose to meet with their college of interest and persuade them to get each and every one of them on the right track and ready for the future. Garber High has many
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Not one teacher can tell them what to do or force them to do anything, it’s all brought upon them and they choices they make. Although, sometimes a little push and shove is what some of them need to success. There is a variety of all different kind of classes to choose from here taught at Garber. Counselors at Garber High meet with you often and ask how classes are going and they make sure they pick the right classes for them to better their future. It all matters in high school what they choose to do, and how to be 100% successful. Coming to Garber High for the first time they didn’t know what to expect. Everyone was just minding their own business and going by their own thing. Here sat 100 students clueless, mindless; scared. There are those individuals who just dive right into new things, other tend to stay back and just let the wind take them in the right direction of what is suppose to happen next. It’s a different feeling at Garber High; you feel welcomed. Some people don’t have that, so their time here is what they look forward too while others, well some do not like to come because duh, it 's school. The biggest thing
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