Garcin And Inez Analysis

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Garcin 's torturer is Inez because when he questions himself or thinks too much, Inez is the one pushing Garcin to admit things about himself. Such as being a coward, thinking why he decided to take a train to Mexico and tells him that Estelle really doesn 't care about Garcin. Garcin wants someone to believe he is not a coward, but Inez keeps telling him that he is. She always tells Garcin the truth that Estelle doesn 't really care about him and think he 's a coward, either way, she 's just using him to get what she wants. This tortures Garcin because he 's being told the obvious from Inez. Also that he needs to convince Inez he is not a coward, but she 's very hard headed so it won 't be easy. He 's constantly reminded he 's a coward by her, which torture 's him because of his decision of taking the train to…show more content…
Estelle 's torturer is Garcin 's because he is the only male in the room, and Estelle needs a man to pleasure her. Basically, Estelle wants to be desired by a man because her eighteen-year-old man is dancing with someone else. However, Garcin is more concerned how the people who killed him thinks of him as a coward, or will spread his legacy as one. Garcin is too busy worrying about what others think of him being a coward that he does not please Estelle. Estelle is being tortured because she wants a man 's attention but Garcin isn 't giving it to her. Inez 's torturer is Estelle because she resembles Florence, a woman who Inez was attracted to, and the one that killed the both of them while sleeping. She also becomes attracted to Estelle, but Estelle likes Garcin instead, which tortures her. Especially when Garcin and Estelle plan to kiss in front of her and do other things they should
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