Gardenia Uliginosa Research Paper

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G. Sandhyarani1*, K. Praveen Kumar2
Post doctoral fellow .ucpsc,Kakatiya university,Hanamkonda,
Corresponding Author:
Ph no.8897474898

ABSTRACT Gardenia uliginosa is a potent medicinal plant in the Indian system of medicine.Traditionally it is used as the treatment of various diseases and disorder of human.In the present study the aquous ,ethnolic,chloroform and petroleum ether extract of the Gardenia uliginosa were studied for their antifungal activity againstCandida albicans.It was observed that the ethnolic extract and petroleum ether extract showed significant activity whare as aquoes extractshowed very less activity did not showed
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They also play an important role in the life of tribal and rural people, particularly in remote part of developing countries. Obviously, these plants help in alleviating human suffering. These plants are being integrated to the field of foods as additives, beverages and cosmetic
Gardenia uliginosa, belong to the family Rubiaceae. It is a small shrub, which grows upto 1-2 m and it is used widely in our Traditional System of Medicine for curing various diseases like ulcers, laxation and in the treatment of eye diseases. The leaves are used in kidney troubles and in muscular pain and are applied on boils and carbuncles. Infusion of plant is used against rheumatism, cold and bronchitis [Srinivasulu C and Indraneil Das. 2008]. In Unani medicine, a confection of tender leaves and purified sugar is prescribed in anuria, retention of urine and kidney troubles

The aim of the present study is to detect the phytochemical and investigate the antifungal spectrum from natural resources and to support the traditional uses ofGardenia
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The plant followed by ethanolic extract 3.66 % w/w, petroleum ether belongs to the family Rubiaceae. The scanty availability of 2.50 % w/w and chloroform extract 1.56 % w/w. The information on this plant facilitates the study on it. This results are mentioned in Table 2. The various extract of the attempt was made to study the Extraction, preliminary plant were subjected to phytochemical screening which phytochemical investigation and antifungal activity of reveal the presence of various pharmacological active plant. components. The different concentrations (20, 40, 60, 80 The stem was dried under shade and was ug/ml) of extracts were tested for antifungal activity. The made to coarse powder. This powder was subjected to most effective concentration was found to be of extraction using different solvents. Extractive values of Ethanolic extract because it gave the maximum Zone of various extracts were determined and the values indicate inhibition as compared to other threeextract and is the presence of considerable amount of constituents which found to be optimum as compared to standard drug Fluconazole. The antifungal action of constituents obtained from various extract of stem of Gardenia

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