Jarret Hardin Lifeboat Ethics Analysis

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Garret Hardin, the author of the article “Lifeboat Ethics: The case Against the Poor” published in Psychology Today, discusses the issues countries will face by helping the poor countries and the problems humanity will also face as a whole. In his article, Hardin expresses his concern of the rate of immigrants entering the United States. He also argues that the reason why the borders of the Untied States are not closed to immigrants is because of the people’s fear of being called bigots. This essay will focus on refuting Hardin’s arguments and look at the issues Hardin talks about through the view point of an immigrant.
In the article, Hardin dedicates a couple of sections to convey his concern about immigrants. He writes that the number of
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These reasons may be right, however, they are not the only ones. The most significant reason is that American people simply don’t want to have a demeaning and degrading job. Additionally, these jobs pay very little, a worker can barely make ends meet and sufficiently provide for his or her family. Moreover, these demanding jobs, while not paying enough, require workers to spend long hours on the job. Now, one must ask, are the American people willing to work in such harsh conditions? Are they willing to work long hours, with minimum pay, barely making ends meet and also not living the relatively luxurious lives they are living right now? Their answer would most probably be a unanimous NO, and that is not wrong. No one wants to work and live in such conditions. Then again, immigrants who are enduring these cruel jobs, whether they are legal or illegal immigrants, are doing so because compared to their lives in their own countries this is a lot better for them and their
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