Garretson's Argumentative Analysis

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Finally, the quality of counterargument expressed throughout Garretson’s essay, has also been effected by her biased stance on vegetarianism, because she has been unable to display and acknowledge opposing views in her piece. It is very important for one to present counterarguments in their writing because it shows that the writer is not narrow-minded, and instead, is fair by considering other perspectives. Additionally, the use of counterargument adds credibility to a writing and makes the arguments that one presents more believable and trustworthy. Since Garretson does not display or acknowledge any opposing views in her essay, her arguments lose a great deal of credibility. There are many different approaches that Garretson could have taken…show more content…
This is seen through her inability to display and consider opposing views, through her one-sided style and tone of writing, and through her incapability to present sound and uniform evidence throughout her essay. First, Garretson’s inability to consider opposing views, ultimately, affects the strength of her argument and lessens the credibility of the points she provides. Second, although Garretson’s writing may be effective and strong, the partial style and tone that she expresses seems to help reinforce a tactic that does not rely on facts, statistics and so forth, but rather, relies on emotional appeals to pity, fear, and trust, as a way to help sway the reader into trusting and believing her points on vegetarianism. Lastly, the evidence that Garretson supplies proves to not demonstrate soundness and uniformity. As a result, the claims that she makes cannot be considered seriously to demonstrate her points on vegetarianism effectively. All in all, Garretson’s inability to demonstrate proper critical thinking skills, such as having strong reliable evidence and counterarguments, weakens her essay as a whole. Although her writing tactics may have been potent enough to prove believable to some readers, as a heavily bound meat eater, her arguments for becoming a vegetarian fell short to sufficiently
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