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The Case to End Child Abuse Child abuse has increasingly become the fight to preserve childhood innocence and to prevent future generations from experiencing the effects of it. In the article “Panel: Texas Should Spend More- and shrewdly- to Prevent Child Abuse” by Robert T. Garrett, the audience acknowledges and considers the constant urge to reduce fatalities from maltreatment by allowing the enforcement of stringent laws in Texas. Garrett imposes that there are machinations that can enhance the process to eliminate child abuse that result in funding successful prevention programs. Garrett urges this by asserting “to reduce some parents’ risky behaviors…the state should join private foundations.” By enforcing this, advertising campaigns…show more content…
He uses words such as “risky,” “fatalities,” and “intensive interventions” to create the effect that child abuse is serious and to get individuals to consider that children’s lives may be in danger if they do not take precautious measures to end abuse. He is also coherent with the way he forms his solutions because after every issue he brings up, he discusses a solution. Garrett’s rhetoric strategies are objective because he refers to other’s perspectives in a formal manner and he makes sure that he includes all their thoughts and opinions rather than suggest his own. Additionally, Garrett forces himself to stay away from biased views by stating solutions that include the most reasonable rationales. The author adequately supports his argument because he uses statistics when evaluating how the goal of “serving 112,500” families can help them fight against the emotional and psychological results of abuse. The sources Garrett uses are reliable because he quotes Madeline McClure who is head of the commission’s work group at TexProtects and the District Judge Robin Sage of Longview who is the commission’s chairwoman. Garrett knows how much money is needed to fund abuse programs, so advising that cities with few or no abuse records should be given the programs would be a fallacious reasoning. Garrett agrees that it is imperative to give innocent children the help they deserve from abuse by enforcing laws that will provide this prevention. Additionally, a change in social and in cultural behavior will result and will impact the way individuals view their

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