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The Life and Legacy of Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks is one of the most Successful country music artists of all time. Here are some facts and information about him. Here you’ll find information about his early life and home, his musical influences, and his breakthrough and success. Garth never knew he’d be famous for anything, but little did he know that he was soon to be a big name in the music industry. Soon enough he’d be breaking records, and selling millions of his own albums.

Early Life & Home

Early life and home for Garth Brooks wasn’t out of the ordinary. He was born in Tulsa Oklahoma and raised by his mother Colleen, and his father Troyal Raymond Brooks. He was the youngest child in the
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The attorney fell in love with the gift Garth had. After he heard him sing, he offered to be the one to produce Garth’s first demo. Garth actually almost turned Phelps down, but Phelps kept pushing an encouraging him and gave him some contacts from some music producers in Nashville. Garth needed help getting to Nashville. Phelps was even nice enough to help him financially. So, Brooks took the offer, and now that he had money and a place to go to make music, that’s where he went. He took along his wife Sandy, who he’d met at one of the clubs he played in. Of course she was willing to go along, because she also thought that Garth was…show more content…
He had a divorce with his wife, lost his mother, and he accomplished raising three children. He then married another country star, Trisha Yearwood. That’s what made him think about coming back to what he loved doing, which was making music and singing for his fans.

By 2014, Garth realized that his children were grown and its been too long since he’d last hear his screaming fans and felt the adrenaline rush of performing. So, he made a comeback. Him and his wife Trisha Yearwood decided to have a 3 year tour. He was actually afraid that no one would be interested, but it turned out better than he ever could have imagined.

The first tour brought in millions of dollars and the attendance records were unbelievable. Garth had missed his fans and they missed him. In interviews he’s talked about how stadiums were packed at every place he toured when he was making his comeback, and how sweet his fans were for showing up. Things just excelled and got better from
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