Garvin Situ: Character Analysis

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The life of Garvin Situ portrays how one gets caught in the simple illusion of arrogance and its deceitful effects on one’s life – as reality hastily encroaches, Garvin’s mind is set on a path of hopelessness and dread feeling as though he has fallen from his all mighty throne created from a delusional stand point. Consequently, it creates the beginning of a new journey in search for a true sense of self-respect. In search of this, Garvin restarts his climb up the mountain having the goal to reach the top, surpassing his old self, but this time having the false lens of arrogance. With the fog of desperation blocking his view to the top it sets him on a perpetuating climb toward his goal that can also be interpreted as life. Garvin has indulged in his small pond as the big fish of it, constantly feeding his arrogance within in. However, as he explores outside of his pond Garvin is met with the harsh reality. As a result of his arrogance and laziness, when up against people who are dedicated to their hard work, he is stomped on. Without realizing his personal hubris, others…show more content…
One of these differences is competition, since bigger cities have a higher population there will always be more competition to claim higher ranking in sports tournaments or business management and even parking spots. Compared to a smaller city there will be less competition leading to a slower pace of growth – just like how the more money you put into a savings account, the more interest you will receive. This also demonstrates the “small fish, big pond” effect, if one two people are at the same skill level but surrounds themselves in a group of people that are more skilled than them they will have a lower sense of accomplishment, in contrast to if they were surround by people who are less skilled which gives one a better sense of
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