Gary Dotson Trial Essay

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Many innocent people are wrongfully convicted due to False DNA, False confession, bad expert opinions. By looking at these separate cases where people sent to several years in prison. until their sentence is overturned because they were found innocent. this was the exact reason the innocent project foundation is here. To look out for those who were not trialed fairly, and stripped away from their freedom. Beginning with Gary Dotson accused of kidnapping and raping Cathleen Cowell. She contacted the police and worked with them. telling them what happen, how the perp looked and collected evidence from her. Within a few weeks later she got called to look at mug shots, where she picked Gary Dotson photo. When asked why she had picked that photo Cathleen stated “that the police pressured her to pick the photograph, pointing out how closely it resembled the composite sketch, although police denied the allegation” (“First DNA exoneration, center on wrongful convictions: Bluhm legal clinic, northwestern Pritzker school of law,” n.d.). the cops later arrested Gary Dotson. his trial began in 1979. What had led to Dotson conviction was blood left in Cathleen undergarments. The blood type from the sample. One A blood type and One B blood type. Although both Dotson and Cowell’s…show more content…
Throughout the interrogation, cops had threatened Chris with the death penalty, unless he was willing to admit he did the crime. “Ochoa agreed to their terms. At trial, Ochoa changed his story and claimed that he, not Danziger, had shot DePriest. Consequently, prosecutors charged Danziger with rape instead of the murder.” (Project, n.d.). Chris Ochoa was found guilty in court and sentenced to life in prison in 1989. During his sentence, Chris contacted innocent projects about the trial and his coerced interrogation. Serving 13 years Chris Ochoa was exonerated due to DNA that pointed to the real

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