Gary Dunn Monologue

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Ladies and gentlemen, Gary, or Gary Dunn,to give him his Sunday name, or if he was in trouble, which was a lot, when he was younger, but most just called him Gary.

Gary was a son, a brother, big and little, he was a boyfriend then a husband, a dad and a granddad too, but he was also a friend, and he was definitely a bit of a lad. Gary had been many different things to many different people over the years, but today they all have, at least, one thing in common, they will all miss him very much.

Gary was a real character, what you saw, with Gary, was what you got, and if you didn’t like it, well, tough, but he was also a loving family man, a dependable man, and a hard working man too, he would never do you a bad turn, but don’t hold your breath waiting for
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I asked about friends and social life and I was told he got the nick name flasher, apparently his pants split one time, and it stuck. “Divn’t call is flasher, I’m a granddad now”, he would say, but that didn’t stop Mick sending him pictures of bottles of flash!

He had a heart of gold, a family man, loved his kids, and his grandchildren. Loved dancing to Northern Sole too, and a few years ago, for his 40th, they threw a surprise party for him, at the Archer Street Club, and he never guessed, he though he was going to see a live band, they even put up fake posters so he wouldn’t guess, that was a great night.

Gary continued to work all his life, he worked for Sky as an installer for a while, actually he worked for them twice, and he also drove the wagons for Davy Price too.

I asked if Gary had any particularly endearing qualities that sprang straight to mind and I was told his smile, his infectious smile, and his loyalty, he was like a gentle giant who would never do you a bad

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