Gary Johnson In The Election Cycle

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I believe that people should vote for Gary Johnson in the election cycle because he believes in spending less on the military, the legalization of marijuana, and the right for people to bear arms. These are the reasons why citizens should be voting for Gary Johnson in this election cycle. As mentioned above, Gary Johnson is a strong believer in the United States spending less of its federal budget on the armed forces. He is very isolationist and anti-war. He wants to take the money used for the military and lower the amount that we spend and move that money to health care, education and infrastructure. He also believes in not putting boots on the ground in combat situations. He wants to stop the spread of ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorism by using brains and negotiation, not by using bombs and war. ( Gary Johnson also supports the legalization of marijuana. He has been a strong supporter of the legalization of weed because he was the CEO of a company that sold marijuana and hoped to gain as legalization became legal throughout the nation. He has said “As President, I will not indulge in anything,” (Lizza, #1) describing how he will not drink beer or smoke pot if he is elected as the 45th President of…show more content…
However, I don’t think that this is a bad thing. Gary Johnson is a libertarian, meaning that he is socially liberal, but fiscally conservative. He can work well with both sides because he agrees with both sides. Johnson was the Republican governor of New Mexico, a liberal state. He was able to work across the aisle and pass legislation even though his constituents disagreed with him. Not only that, but the democratic voters in New Mexico kept re-electing him.This proves that he is able to negotiate and actually work for the people that voted him in. If Gary Johnson wins the presidency this will bring a necessary change to standard Washington

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