Gary Johnson's Three Options For President

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Gary Johnson being a third party candidate is a mixture of the republican and democratic beliefs. Johnson believes Trumps view about the wall is obscured, in his book on page 127 he states “A 10-foot wall just requires an 11-foot ladder." (Johnson, 2012). Pretty much meaning a wall is not going to change anything, the illegals will figure out a way to get over it. Johnson also believes we should do the illegal and unimaginable, that the fifty five million illegal Americans in the country right now should be able to easily get a work visa and start paying taxes and living as a citizen but not making them a citizen. Johnson is also pro-choice. He believes planned parenthood does a lot of good for women 's health and it should stay that way. He also states he’d rather give the choice to the states. And will support and fund planned parenthood, except for abortion. “Should abortion be outlawed in the United States? Let each state decide.” (Johnson, 2012) Johnson believes the states should have the right to decide, each state is different and that’s what he stands for.…show more content…
These candidates all have a lot of potential to be President. The outcome will remain unknown until November 8th. They all have different platforms and beliefs yet they all stand strongly for what they believe in. There is no “good or bad” candidate it is all based on personal beliefs. Like the candidates each person has a different view and that will determine who will become the next president of the United State of America. So no matter who wins each candidate has their pros and cons which is what makes them either widely loved or
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