Gary Paulsen's Influence On Young Adult Literature

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Gary James Paulsen is an American writer who writes young adult literature. He is best known for coming of age stories about the wilderness. He has written more than 200 books, over 200 magazine articles and short stories, and also several plays. Gary Paulsen was born on May 17, 1939 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Gary Paulsen was a part of an extended family. Paulsen has two siblings, one of them a full sister, and the other a half brother. His sister’s name was Paulette, and his brother’s name was Bill. Paulsen’s dad who was a career officer, on Patton’s staff, spent most of his time during World War II overseas. Unfortunately for Paulsen, he did not get to meet his father until he was seven years old. During the time his father was away, he spent most of his childhood with his grandmother, aunts, and various…show more content…
Although he is known for writing such books as The Car, Hatchet, Brian’s Winter, Dogsong, The River, Woodsong, Woods Runner, Mr. Tucket, Brian’s Return, and many more classics. He also has two autobiographical works. In one of the books he writes it in a first person perspective. The story begins when Paulsen is seven, he and his mother are both living in Chicago. In the book he also describes several traumatic times, which he describes in the book. One of those occurrences happened when he snuck out while his mother was taking a nap. While Paulsen was playing in the park he encountered a man, the man later tried to molest him. Fortunately for Paulsen, his mother appeared, his mother allegedly beats the man to death. In the book “The Sun”, the majority of the book describes many of the problems Paulsen and his family faced. His mother, who was an alcoholic, would take him to the bar and make him sing for his dinner. Later on in the book, both he and his mother both went to the Philippines, to accompany his father. During his time in the Philippines, Paulsen saw many disturbing

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