Gary Paulsen's Major Accomplishments

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Gary Paulsen, the author of many books, magazines, and novels, writes a true story called Guts. Gary Paulsen gets an emergency call sixty miles northeast of Colorado springs. Gary ran to his ambulance, half dressed just to save the man 60 miles away (Guts p.11). Gary paulsen got on the phone with the woman who called,” Please come Quick! My harvy, he is having chest pain!” (Guts p.11) Gary put on the sirens and zoomed over to the house, it was just beginning to get light when he arrived at the house. But, by the time he got to the house, he smelt death approaching. Gary looked into the man's eyes, they had turned gray and sole-less(Guts p.11). Gary knew he wouldn’t survive this, but he still tried to help. “I tried to help him, but as
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