Gary Paulsen's Stop The Sun

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Have you ever read the short story Stop the Sun by Gary Paulsen? In the story,the main character Terry runs into many tricky situations. All of this embarrassment and confusion is being cause by Terry's father, who is diagnosed with vietnam syndrome. Terry spends a lot of time looking for the answer to why his father is acting so strange. Terry wants to fix the problem but then he realizes he can't do anything about it besides try and understand. This supports my theme that you cannot fix everything but you can try your best to understand.

Terry couldn't help it that he was very curious and concerned about his dad's recent behaviors. Terry tried everything he could think of to understand more, but really the only he thought he could get information out of was books but Terry found nothing about Vietnam syndrome. Since reading wasn't working Terry’s only other thought was to ask his mom. Right when Terry starts talking about the topic, he notices his mom looks uncomfortable talking about this. “But what happened, what actually caused it”? Said Terry. “The doctors call it vietnam syndrome, they are trying to help him”. Terry was still unsure about everything, his mom seemed unsure too.

Later that day, Terry and his parents went to the mall to go shopping. They were all split up. Not to
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Terry went up to his dad and told him he had a question. “Vietnam”. Terry blurted out. And he thought, “there, it's out and gone”. “No”! His father said sharply. Terry didn't want to give up, he wanted to know…..he needed to know. “It just seems to bother you so much, and I thought maybe I could help or understand it better”. Terrys father seems really uneasy because he knows it cannot be fixed. “You think just because I act strange that we can talk about it and it will be alright, that we can talk about it and it will just go away”? “ Thats what you think isnt it”? Says Terry's
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