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The first distinct thing that comes to mind when you research Gary Ridgway is the fact that he was sexual abused by his mother as a child. His mother, Mary Ridgway, dominated the household with odd forms of childrearing and his farther, Tom Ridgway, was a cowed who never stood up to his wife. She would smash plates over his head and he would just walk out of the room. Gary Ridgway was a constant bed wetter that occurred until he was 14, when this happened his mother would embarrass him in front of his brothers and stand him up in the shower to clean him while paying special attention to his genitals. His mother would often do these cleansings half-naked herself. Gary Ridgway also would be submitted to his mother’s horrific
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(2005) study and Gary Ridgway’s principles and beliefs about women, specifically prostitutes. Beech et al. (2005) discovered that five theories applied to sexual murders. Gary Ridgway applied to four of these, entitlement, women as sexual beings, dangerousness of world and male sex drive is uncontrollable. His mother had a lot to do with his views about women and sex. It’s likely that he thought the world was full of abusive people, like his mother, so he found it essential to state his dominance therefore, supporting the dangerousness of world theory. His mother also could of given him the idea that woman only serve to meet sexual needs of men which is another and men’s sex drive is uncontrollable and exacerbated by women when she told him the stories of men at work. The last theory is entitlement or the idea that some individuals are superior and more deserving. With Ridgway being treated badly by his mother he might look at himself as deserving to hurt women because one hurt him.

Gary Ridgway’s teenage years were filled with other problems. He began killing animals, setting fires, and was fascinated by true crime stories. One of his memories takes place when he was 16 years old and he stabbed a young boy in the woods after school one day. Apparently he walked away laughing, saying “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to kill someone”. The young boy survived the attack and Ridgway was never arrest for

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