Gary Soto Mother And Daughter Analysis

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In the story Mother and Daughter, The author Gary Soto was giving the message that mothers aren’t always perfect, but they always want the best for you. Yollie and her mother, Mrs. Moreno, had a very good relationship. The author described Mrs. Moreno as: “ A very large woman who wore a muu-muu and butterfly shaped glasses.” (Soto 203) She liked to water her lawn in the evening and wave at the cars passing by. Meanwhile, they stared at her, laughed at her, and wondered how she got so large.
One night Yollie and were mother decided to watch a late night movie about creatures from underneath the earth that crawled through lava to walk the Earth. Yollie was very tired that day from soccer, so she was having trouble keeping her eyes open. She asked Mrs. Moreno to wake her up when the movie was over, so she could go to bed. Her mom agreed to this, but instead of waking Yollie up, she laughed and tip-toed into her bed. Yollie woke up on the couch in the middle of the night, and had no idea
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When her mom would come to the school, all the nuns would laugh at her. Everyone thought she was a riot, although she was very poor. Yollie’s mom could not afford to buy her a new dress for the eighth grade fall dance. Her mother was very sad for her because they genuinely didn’t have the money. Mrs. Moreno had a little money stashed away for Yollie’s college, but she did not want to get that out. The best she could do was buy Yollie a black pair of velvet dress shoes and some fabric dye to color her white summer dress black. She thought if she dyed it, it would look brand new. Yollie had a bad feeling it would be a disaster. Her mother dipped the dress in the dye, and Yollie couldn’t bear to watch. To Yollies surprise, the dress came out shiny black. It looked: “brand-new and sophisticated, like what people in New York wear.” (Soto 206) Yollie and her mother were very happy that she would have something nice to wear for the
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