Gary Soto Seventh Grade Short Story

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In the short story, “Seventh Grade”, by Gary Soto, the author pokes fun at seventh grade boys at the beginning a school year. The main characters are Victor, Michael, and Teresa, a girl Victor has a crush on. In the story, Victor learned that it is always best to be himself. Victor is a seventh grade boy who continues to make mistakes in front of the girl he likes. First, the writer tells us about Victor and his love for Teresa since they were young. The reading also includes that Victor is willing to do anything to impress Teresa, such as speaking a language he does not understand. In addition, Victor sheepishly embarrassed himself even more in front of Teresa and his peers. Moreover, the author also cites that Victor continues to take bad advice from his…show more content…
For example, in the story, Victor can’t help but notice the way Teresa, the girl he likes, gracefully maneuvers through the hall. The author clearly cites, “As Teresa walked down the hall, Victor walked the other way, looking back, admiring how gracefully she walked, one foot in front of the other.” This shows that victor is crazy about Teresa and always wants to see her. The quote is also significant because Victor is admiring something peculiar, such as the way she walks. Another example is when Victor tries to impress Teresa during his elective, French. The text explicitly states, “Mr. Beuller asked in anyone knew French. Victor raised his hand wanting to impress Teresa.” This quote is also important because it shows that he is willing to do anything to have Teresa like him, even if it means that he will have to speak a language that he does not know. He reveals a statement which points straight at Victor and displays his love for the girl. All in all, if Victor would have been himself, and not have acted so sheepishly, he would have had a better chance of acquiring Teresa’s
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