Gary Stewart's Story Analysis: The Zodiac Killer

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The Zodiac Killer Four decades ago from the late 1960’s to early 1970’s many people were afraid of the “Zodiac Killer”. Mostly because he was never captured and unknown. The killer named himself Zodiac, and symbolized himself with a cross-circle. He sent a series of encrypted letters to the local Bay Area press, in California. His letters had no address, only the initials rh or Zodiac. The letters had four encrypted texts and only one has been solved. The Zodiac made threats against the police to sent his letters to the local newspaper. He wanted to be feared, and known. He sent the letters from the late 1960 to 1974. The were 5 victims confirmed dead, and 2 injured, but he claimed to have killed 37 in his letters. The first were David…show more content…
Allen owned a typewriter that was the same making of the letters and he wore a Zodiac wristwatch. Although Allen died in 1992 in 2002 they suspected it wasn’t him because of the difference in DNA, and he looked nothing like the police sketching. Author Gary Stewart claimed that his father, Earl Van Best Jr.—who looked similar to the police sketch—was the Zodiac Killer. Stewart was adopted after being rejected by both his parents. After his biological mother eventually reached out to him he decided to search for his father and found a mug shot of him. His birth father had raped his birthmother. After searching for him after years the search finally ended, but to a conclusion that he was a serial killer. Also the encrypted letter that revealed the killers initials were the same as his father's. He also, strangely looked like that man in the police…show more content…
During the killing of the Zodiac no one was arrested, even though they had a police sketch from the Zodiac’s victims who survived. The Zodiac even left of a shirt with blood stains on it, in one of his letters. Here is one of the encrypted texts: “I LIKE KILLING PEOPLE BECAUSE IT IS SO MUCH FUN IT IS MORE FUN THAN KILLING WILD GAME IN THE FORREST BECAUSE MAN IS THE MOST DANGEROUE ANAMAL OF ALL TO KILL SOMETHING GIVES ME THE MOST THRILLING EXPERENCE IT IS EVEN BETTER THAN GETTING YOUR ROCKS OFF WITH A GIRL THE BEST PART OF IT IS THAE WHEN I DIE I WILL BE REBORN IN PARADICE AND ALL THEI HAVE KILLED WILL BECOME MY SLAVES I WILL NOT GIVE YOU MY NAME BECAUSE YOU WILL TRY TO SLOI DOWN OR ATOP MY COLLECTIOG OF SLAVES FOR MY AFTERLIFE. EBEORIETEMETHHPITI,” - The Zodiac Killer. Keep in mind a lot of the words are spelled wrong because of it being encrypted. Also the author actually left the letters of his name.This is the story of the Zodiac. He could or could not be alive till this day. From this we can all learn about how dangerous the world can

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