Gas Chamber Research Paper

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h. Gas chamber
In this method of execution the prisoner is restrained and sealed in an airtight chamber and dropped hydrochloric acid potassium cyanide or sodium cyanide crystals which producing hydrocyanic gas. This gas destroys the body's ability to process blood hemoglobin, and unconsciousness can occur within a few seconds if the prisoner takes a deep breath. Death usually occurs within six to 18 minutes. After the pronouncement of death the chamber is evacuated through carbon and neutralizing filters. Crews wearing gas masks decontaminate the body with bleach solution, and it is out gassed before being released. If this process was not done, the undertaker or anyone handling the body would be killed.
Nevada was the first state to sanction
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The prisoner is secured on a gurney with lined ankle and wrist restraints. A cardiac monitor and a stethoscope are attached, and two saline intravenous lines are started, one in each arm. The inmate is then covered with a sheet. The saline intravenous lines are turned off, and Sodium Thiopental is injected, causing the inmate to fall into a deep sleep. The second chemical agent, Pancuronium Bromide, a muscle relaxer, follows. This causes the inmate to stop breathing due to paralyses of the diaphragm and iungs. Finally, Potassium Chloride is injected, stopping the…show more content…
abolition and retention of death penalty. Hinduism, on one side preaches Ahinsa or non-violence and on other side teaches about soul that soul cannot die but only change the body like changing the clothes. The crime and punishment defined in Dharamsastras and Arthasastra. Dharamsastras explain various crime and punishment and in several offences also put the death penalty that depends on the gravity of the crime i.e. in murder cases or in warfare.
2.7.2 Christian view of the death penalty
The primary symbol of Christianity is cross with or without the body of the Jesus. The Christian believes that the death of Jesus was the punishment for the offences of the world. But due to the change in time Christian are also dividing on the views regarding death penalty i.e. liberal group and conservative group. Liberal group oppose the death penalty but conservative support this punishment. But the two conservative groups Amish and Mennonites groups also known for opposition of death

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