Gas Law Lab Report

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Marigona Krasniqi
15 October 2015
Contemporary Science: Chemistry
Lab assignment
Gas Laws Lab
Part 1 – The effect of temperature on gas volume
Problem: Which gas law describes these results (Paper assignment)?
Observation/ Research: Charles’s Law
According to Jacques Charles, “if the temperature of the gas increases, the volume of the gas also will be increased or other way around.” (Charles). This statement describes Charles Law. According to this law, “the Volume and Temperature are directly proportional and pressure is held constant” (Charles). This shows that V/T = k, where k is constant. So, the formula of this law is: V1/T1 = V2/T2 (Charles’s Law)

Hypothesis: If the temperature of the gas within the syringe is decreased, then the
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Observation/ Research: Boyle’s Law
As Robert Boyle stated “Pressure and Volume are inversely related. To add more, temperature and moles are constant.” (Boyle). So, if Pressure increases, then the volume decreases or the other way around. This is Boyle’s Law. According to this law, P x V = k, where k is a constant. The formula of this law is: P1 x V1 = P2 x V2 (Boyle’s Law)

Hypothesis: If the pressure of the gas in the syringe increases putting on the books one by one, the volume of the gas within the syringe will decrease as well.
4 Books Scale Syringe Meter
Methods of testing:
First of all, we weighted (in grams) the books and noted in a table. Then, we measured the height, width and the length of the books in inches. After we finished with the measures, we took the syringe holding upright and adding the books one by one. While putting the books we recorded the pressure. First we recorded the pressure of the first book on the syringe and then we add the second and so on. With the measurements of the length, width and height, we found SA. We divided mass and SA to find the pressure 2 and then with the formula of Boyle’s Law we were able to find Today’s Pressure
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According to the results, k has not changed. Pressure on the gas within the syringe was increased while the volume of the gas was decreased. And these results approve the hypothesis. As Boyle’s Law states that temperature and moles should be held constant, also in the lab they were held constant. If the books and syringe would be allowed to sit for one hour the pressure would be increased more. While the pressure would be increased, the volume of the gas within the syringe would be

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