Gasoline Monologue

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Gasoline Warning: This will probably get quite a bit darker than the actual show. I do not own Miraculous Ladybug! Set in an AU. Prologue Master Fu stared at the box on the shelf, while Wayzz hovered around worriedly. The box was open, the miraculous glinting as the sunlight hit them through the window. Abruptly, Master Fu turned and addressed Wayzz. “We need the eighth miraculous.” “But, Master, there is a reason it was sealed away. Horrible things always happen to the bearer.” His voice was filled with sorrow and laced with worry. Master Shu responded, his voice equally full of sadness. “Such is the fate of the ones who guard balance itself. Think about it Wayzz. What is the purpose of the lizard miraculous?” “To balance the power
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