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In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men -Cicero.
My parents are both physicians working long hours to ensure every person that sets foot in their clinic was treated and treated well. I grew up watching their dedication and commitment to their profession. Witnessing the flowing gratitude and respect in their patients’ eyes was not only touching, but motivating. My father who is also my mentor, has a huge role in providing me with the experiences and education needed to solidify my decision to be a gastroenterologist.
During my clerkship in India, I came across a young patient in the ER who was having hematemesis. He was hemodynamically unstable and the gastroenterologist was called to assess the patient. She promptly did a bed side EGD
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I collected data in over 800 patients and acquired the skill to do statistical analysis. I also developed proficiency in writing abstracts and presenting posters.
In pursuit of my goal I am doing residency in Internal Medicine at an excellent program. Throughout residency I found great mentors who challenged me to improve my clinical and academic knowledge. I had opportunities to practice my hand at endoscopies which piqued my passion for procedures. I was appreciated for my ease and skill at doing all the procedures including the complicated ones. During this time I thoroughly enjoyed leading and teaching my team of interns and medical students. I am also the team leader for Quality Improvement projects which revealed my capabilities of effective communication and team work.
Gastroenterology to me is the most exciting and dynamic subspecialty within medicine. I love that it encompasses all forms of pathology, from infectious to auto-immune to neoplastic to metabolic. The multitude of challenges and opportunities that are on the horizon are limitless and I believe I am equipped to harness this

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