Gate Cost In Pearlart Case Study

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Driveway Gate Costs in Pearland There are many advantages to installing a driveway gate in Pearland. It can increase the security of your property, and it can prevent unwanted trespassers from entering your property. It can also help you keep your insurance rates down. A driveway gate will add a lot to the visual appeal of your property and it will increase the overall value of your home. It’s a great investment that you can add to your property that will provide your home with many benefits. There are many factors that go into the cost of a driveway gate. Such factors include the size of the gate, if it is automated, the materials that will be used to construct the gate, the slope of your driveway and the size of it. Below, we will go over each of these factors…show more content…
In general, the larger the gate is, the more expensive it will be. A 10 foot gate will run you between $700-$1350. A 12 foot gate will cost between $800-$1600. A 14 foot gate will cost you between $900 and $1800. A 16 foot gate will cost you between $1200-$2000. The height of the gate is usually 6 feet tall. You can get an 8 foot tall gate, which will typically raise the price around 20%. Gate Type There are two different types of gates that you can choose from. These gates are a swing gate or a sliding gate. Swinging gates will open inward or outward on an axis. These gates require a lot of space to open and close. They will cost between $800 and $1600. Signing gates are more compact, but they come at a higher price. These types of gates are usually automated. They will cost between $2250 and $4000. Gate Material The material that your gate is made out of will influence the price significantly. If you want to save money, you can go with chain link, vinyl, or low-grade wood materials. If you are working with a larger budget, you can look at using iron, steel or high-quality wood for your gate. Chain Link Fencing -
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