Marina's Gate Control Theory

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Gate Control Theory
Chronic pain, subtypes of pain which is now clarified as the pain is persisted over the time which expected to be cured (Bonica, 1990). After Marina has undergone multiple failed treatments, she most probably has chronic pain as the pain widespread in the whole body was subsequently subsided remaining the pain in her right knee. Patient like her who is suffering from chronic pain is no longer able to address the bodily harm. She interpreted her pain as being unmanageable and irreparable as the pain in her right knee continues ignoring the medical expectation for curing (Winterowd, Beck, & Gruener, 2003). Facets of her life started to be taken and generalized by these pessimistic thoughts. She might be experiencing negative
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This theory has proposed there is a gating mechanism within spinal cord working in the pain perception which the gate will be facilitated and thus allowing the sensory input to reach our brain (Melzack & Wall, 1965). The impulse will then be interpreted by our brain and sends message which might causes either the gate to be opened wider causing higher intensity of pain or diminished the pain by closing it (Ciccarelli & White, 2012). There is psychological factor affecting in how the pain is prioritized by the brain (Sams, 2006). Melzack and Wall (1965) have proposed that sensation of pain is unlikely to be dissociated from our emotional experience which was extremely varied from the conventional theory of pain that focusing on the seriousness of injured tissues in that era. As we can see from Marina, despite the fact of the pain widespread all over her body previously was eventually subsided, her fear of being unable backs to running did actually intensified the perception of pain. The nerves in her knees received impulse that sent back down from the spinal cord and thus she is experiencing more severe pain than the reality it is (Winterowd, Beck, & Gruener, 2003). Marina’s catastrophic thinking and emotions are the aspects of her pain level to be worsening. This has triggered the…show more content…
Marina who always concentrated on her pain in the right knee which has reached the point walking is even a burdensome task to her needs to learn how to draw her attention away from it in order to help in her circumstance. Engaging in a favorable relaxing task such as meditation and yoga might assist her to get through the long-suffered pain. In fact, meditation and yoga are introduced to patients who are suffering in chronic pain by cognitive therapist in order to distract their attention toward the pain as these activities
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