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The title of the project is "TO STUDY THE BACK OFFICE OPERATIONS OF EVERY FINANCE DEPT" which was done at TAJ Gateway hotel ,Bangalore was an Summer Internship for the duration of seven weeks in the month of April & May.

The purpose of the study was to know the various operations happening at back office of the hotel & also how does the management improve productivity, increase their revenues; lower operating costs, & reduce risk & what are the efforts taken on its core competency & strengthen its ability to adapt in the ever-changing business environment. The main operational functions that are outsourced are normally related to accounting, maintenance, security, promotion & storage.

The title
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It was necessary to ensure timely delivery of goods or services, prepare the purchase requisition & back-up documentation accurately, giving special attention to a clear, detailed description of the product or service etc. ii. All purchase requisitions must be approved by the appropriate financial manager before the purchase is made. iii. Receiving report
This report was something like hotel's documentation of the goods it has received. The receiving report may be a paper form or it may be a computer entry. The quantity & description of the goods shown on the receiving report should be compared with the information on the company's purchase order. After the receiving report & purchase order information are reconciled, It need to be compared with the vendor invoice. iv.Vendor Invoice
The supplier or vendor will send an invoice to the office that had received the goods &/or services on credit. When the invoice or bill is received, the office will refer to it as a vendor invoice. Each vendor invoice is routed to accounts payable for processing. After the invoice is verified & approved, the amount will be credited to the company's Accounts Payable account & will also be debited to another account (often as an expense or

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