Gathering Blue Chapter Summaries

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Gathering Blue was written by a Newbery Award Winner, Lois Lowry. The book starts off with a girl named Kira, who has a broken leg. This keeps her from doing a lot of things. Unfortunately, Kira has no siblings and her mother and father died, which makes her an orphan. This created a lot of controversy, whether or not Kira should stay in the village because she has no guardians to watch her. Kira agreed to live in the Council Edifice, where she is given a task for the community after she went to court. Kira is trying and trying to do her best for the task, but a lot goes on during that period of time. Reaching the end of the book, Kira unlocks jawbreaking secrets. The two major events in the novel, are the trials regarding Kira staying in the…show more content…
Kira sighed and turned” (Lowry 37). These couple of sentences give the reader more information about the theme and how it actually relates to the story. In the recent paragraph, I put that one of the themes is power. The meaning of power in the novel is how the government controls the community. The government has many strong rules. These rules made by the Council of Guardians are almost meant to scare the villagers by making them obey the rules. If the villagers disobey the rules there are various consequences, but one consequence is to abandon the village and never come back. This might not scare the villager that is accused of breaking the laws at first, but if they know what is outside of the village (ig. “beasts” or wild animals) they probably will try and beg the Council Guardians to let them stay in the village. That is why Kira is very nervous in the trial because if she makes one wrong move her whole life could be over. The quote is significant in many different ways, but one way is that it shows the reader that having too much power can either make your future unpleasing or someone else’s. In this case the Council of Guardians shows that they have too much power among the citizens which creates a lot of controversy. In conclusion, I would definitely read Gathering Blue because it shows me and other readers that you can expand your mindset by just thinking positive and you will succeed in
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