Gathering Blue Character Analysis

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This essay is going to tell you about three characters and their zodiac signs. A zodiac sign most of the time explains how or the characteristics of a character from my story, "Gathering Blue." By Lois Lowry. The three characters that I am going to tell you about is Kira, Matt, and Dan. My first character analysis is Kira. Kira was the main character in my story and the traits she was in between are sad, negative, dependent, and afraid. This is so because she had lost her mother to a sickness and she lost most confidence at this time because she felt that she has no one to help her. For the rest of the story she feels that she cannot do anything because she is alone and afraid of failure without her mother. She also negativeness or dependency…show more content…
Matt is the character I the story that is very curious and wants to see what will happen if he does this or that. Matt is caring and he shows this when he apologizes to Kira for not being able to save memorable things from her house fire. Matt also shows that he is very caring when he was sad for Kira's loss and tried to do everything to help or make her feel better. I would recognize Matt as a cancer sign because he shows much care and the cancer sign describes, well caring for family or friends. He says sorrowfully, " I tried to save stuff but it's mostly all burnt." The last character that I am going to talk about is Dan. Dan is the character that is caring and always avoiding war. He will do anything to not be at war. Dan shows that he avoids fight all of the time when he glances at Kira waiting to obey hit by his dad. He also demonstrates for family or friends, which shows that he is the cancer sign. Another reason he is the cancer sign is because he has no care for war but very much care for others. So that concludes the signs of some of the main characters in the story, " Gathering blue."Kira was the sign Gemini because she demonstrated dependency, Matt demonstrated the cancer sign showing care for others and Dan with the cancer sign a swell showing avoidance of fight and caring for others. Those are the three main characters and their zodiac signs and if you would like to figure out your zodiac sign then go
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