Gathering Blue Identity

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The fact that knowing someone identity is a way of fulfilling one 's purpose in life. The uniqueness of someone 's personality and the abilities the character has defines their identity. Knowing also that one 's individuality is a hard process. A person must have enough strength and determination to surpass obstacles in their own life 's. They must be able to accept whatever mistake they have done and learn from it. The person will able to know their true identity once they reach a certain stage of enlightenment triggered by a life changing experiences or event. Their purpose is yet to truly be known. Though it is said that the purpose of life is realized after death since at that point they have already fulfilled the mission or duty they had set since. People are able to do what God wants them to do so they each play a certain role that was planned even before they were born. The book Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry is based on a story of Kira who happens to be an orphan with a disabled leg who lives in a society where it is savagery and is…show more content…
Kira, by her community she has been put to death according the laws of her community for the mere fact that she has a disbility. Kira mother has taught her to be as strong and indepndent as she possibly can. After her mother 's death she then goes off on her own but she begins to think of the things that she will need and have to do in order to survive, "Somehow she would build a cott. Then she would find a way to make a life". (3) Kira has a gift that implies her hands and can figure out how to make items that are useful. She also learned from her mother how to weave through fabric and make colorful patterns, "Kira had always a clever way with her hands"(19) Kira is also courageous, after Jo, the future Singer, parents has died, she went to visit Jamison to find out about Jo. Kira then learned that she was locked up at Jamison 's and decided to help the child and lets her know to wait, that she was going to come back
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