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Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry is about a girl named Kira who has a twisted leg. The people in the community she lived in, was about to kick her out of the community. But because she have special talent, they let her stay in the community. The theme of the book is Don’t judge someone on their appearance and the second theme is Don’t underestimate people. The story shows these themes because kira was judged by her twisted leg, but she had a special talent that the community needed. The first theme of this book is don’t judge someone on their appearance. At the beginning of the book Kira was disliked for her looks. “ The birth of a fearless girl with a twisted leg.” This quoted show that Kira was born with a twisted leg and the people in the community want to get rid of her because she is not perfect. The second quote from the beginning of the book Kira was gossip by the people in the community to make feel bad and leave. “ she drags that dead leg around like a useless burden” This quoted that Kira is not perfect enough to have job at the community because she has disability leg.…show more content…
At the middle of the book Kira remember told about her power. “Her mom tell her when she was born her leg have difficulty, but your hand is strong and powerful.” This quoted state that Kira have special talented and magic by hand and the community have no reason to kick her out. The end of the book kira was underestimate by the people who don’t like her. “ he ran over the scar feeling the edge.” This quote mean that kira was scarce the people is going to rid of her because she didn’t show her powerful hand and she is scarce. Kira has secret about her powerful hand, But she never told anyone about her special talent expect for her

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