Gathering Of Old Men Analysis

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Gathering of Old Men is a book written by Ernest J. Gaines, which explores the discrimination of black people in the past century. The book is featured by many characters which somehow have their own specific impact on the entire storyline. Both: black characters, as well as white characters have their own faults in the entire story because both of the parties seems to look solution in a violent way which in any case couldn’t lead to something good. Unfortunately although many of them are not aware about it, they all do many mistakes and later have to face the consequences of the actions that they considered to be right back in a time. Candy is a pretty interesting white female character, that although is not one of the main characters, have a great influence on the story itself and how the plot develops throughout the pages. Some of the worst mistakes that she has made, without being aware, is that she believes she is doing the right thing by attempting to accept responsibility for Beau’s death or for organizing the old men to protect Mathu. “Now listen," she said. "I want you to run, and I don't want you to stop running. I want you to go tell Rufe and Reverend Jameson, and Corrine and the rest of them to gather at Mathu's house right away. “(1.18-20) However, by doing so she is preventing them from standing up for themselves, and she is really prolonging racial oppression which means that even without being aware, she is to some point responsible for the racial discrimination that these men are facing. While reading this book this…show more content…
There is no human being that doesn’t make mistakes, but sometimes, if we think better we could make better decision and avoid our own
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