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Tennessee vs Florida Offense Analysis, Grade, and, Breakdown

I apologize for just now posting this but I hope y 'all enjoy reading this because I 'm seeing big improvements in this offense each week and look forward to discussing this with you. If you agree or disagree, feel free to express your opinion because that 's what this group is about.

Grade: B-

The game that looked hopeless, turned into one for the ages in Gator Football History. Before we delve into how this young, developing offense was able to make history, lets talk about the heart this entire team displayed. I talked with a current starter on offense and he said "We are working hard". I know that might sound cliche, generic, bland etc. but their hard work was on
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I really like the first play of the game. Callaway ran down the seam wide open. Grier missed it but I guarantee you he won 't miss those kinds of passes as he develops throughout the year. I like the fact that Coach McElwain is an aggressive offensive mind. It 's establishing that kind of mindset in our players and it is LONG over due at Florida.

Early in the game I felt that for the most part, the OL was really moving Tennessee 's DL in the run game. Kelvin Taylor 's 47 yard run was a thing of beauty. The entire OL did their jobs. Especially Center Cam Dillard, LG Trip Thurman and LT David Sharpe. Taylor did an outstanding job of shuffling his feet through the developing hole and then rocketing his way down field. Two plays later, we scored our first TD.

The next drive, the first play was a quick toss to Brandon Powell that got 7 yards. Next play Grier throws to WR CJ Worton on a "hot route" that would 've went for big yards if Grier waits a millisecond later so Worton can clear the lineman in this case. I would 've liked to see us go right back to the run instead of the hot route there because the OL was moving well. We ended up
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I charted the amount of runs and yardage after Taylor 's TD, and, feel that the OL was really getting good movement early in this game but we seemed to go away from the run too soon once we went down 14-7. I hope we go back to that next time the OL is in a flow like that. Matter of fact the drive before the half where Grier threw his only INT, we were moving the ball on the ground and went away from it. Two plays later, the INT was thrown. Taylor finished the day with 19 carries 109 yards. Not bad at all.

There are some other examples where you can see improvements but I 'll spare you all those and we 'll FFWD a bit. At this point in the game, we 're trailing 20-7 and the defense just got a HUGE turnover! It 's 4th & 6 at the 6:12 mark in the 3rd Q. This play is beautifully designed and the credit goes to this OL because, they made this play happen by giving Grier time.

So here 's the play: Grier is in shotgun with Taylor next to him. Powell goes in motion to the right of the formation joining Jake McGee and Antonio Callaway. At the snap, Callaway runs a flat route to his left sucking in the LB and McGee runs a flag route clearing the FS out of the middle. Powell runs an angle route where he runs toward the sideline and cuts back toward the middle and it was WIDE OPEN for a huge gain! When was the last time this fanbase has seen THAT kind of creativity on offense?! Next play, Taylor runs it in and
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