Gatorade Ad Analysis Essay

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Being a person of sports and fitness, the brand ‘Gatorade’ is quite familiar. Gatorade isn't just any sports drink but a sports drink that is known for its exquisite taste and excellent job at replacing ones electrolytes. Gatorade is a beverage most enjoy but for athletes it is practically a blessing. The world known drink motivates and pushes its athletes to go above and beyond and to be sure to hydrate as well. In one of the many Gatorade commercials out there, I was able to see as to how Gatorade used ethos, pathos and logos to both amuse and convince its audience. In the ad I watched, a customer wants to simply purchase a bottle of gatorade but the gas station clerk just won't allow it. After a few moments of the the clerk telling the customer no and giving him factual reasoning, Peyton Manning shows up. The use of ethos, pathos and logos in the ad seems to be an exceptional way of selling the product to the public. In …show more content…

The clerk tells him know and that he must “sweat it to get it”. The clerk is practically telling the customer he is not allowed to consume the drink because he is not sweating. It becomes quite frustrating for the customer. In the part of the commercial, pathos is used. The ad uses pathos by both motivating the customer to be active and to “sweat it to get it” but by also frustrating him by telling him he can not have the beverage until so. I believe Gatorades goal is to motivate its consumers to be fit and active whilst consuming the beverage. The use of pathos in this scene seems to spark curiosity for the audience. I found myself curious as to why the customer wanted the drink so badly to the point that he was willing to argue with the clerk over it. While the customer was getting frustrated and patiently waiting, the clerk was giving was seemed to be logical reasoning as to why he could not sell the Gatorade to

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