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The Gatorade ad is effective because it appeals to sports fans and athletes and self-actualization needs.It features a basketball player, Dwyane Wade, drinking a bottle of Gatorade.He takes up the entire page and has his back to the camera. Wade is looking up towards something in the distance. The orange color of the Gatorade bottle stands out against the background, which is faded. There is a gym in the background with a window at the top left of the page , with a faded Miami Heat logo near the bottom right of the page. The top half of the background is brown and the lower half is red. The bottle is positioned so that the label is easy to see. Wade is sweating and the bottle has condensation on it. There is some text near the middle, which says that sweat says it all. There is more text on the bottom right explaining that Gatorade replenishes electrolytes lost by sweating. The last sentence, Win from within, is bolded, and the…show more content…
The ad features a sports celebrity. This means that the advertisers are trying to target people interested in sports, like athletes and sports fans. The ad also specifically mentions athletes in the text on the bottom right. Athletes would be able to relate to that statement the most. Sports fans would also relate to that statement a lot,too, though. The advertisers wanted to persuade sports fans and athletes with this ad. The message of this ad is that the reader should buy Gatorade to reach their full potential. The statement ‘Win from within’ means that the reader should try to achieve using their talents. It is also trying to say that Gatorade can help the reader do this. The ad also mentions that Gatorade replenishes electrolytes. This would allow an athlete to play longer. Since an athlete has a sports talent, this would allow an athlete to realize their potential more. The advertisers want the reader to think that Gatorade can help you reach your full

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