Nike Halo Effect Rhetorical Analysis

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The applications deal with the “Halo effect”. This effect occurs when the public sees celebrities use the products, they are more inclined to buy the product because they want to mimic their role model. A celebrity is a person who is known by his well knownness. McCracken has defined a celebrity endorser as a person who enjoys public recognition and who uses this recognition on behalf of a brand to endorse the brand. Thus associating a public figure with a brand, employs rhetorical teachings to implicate the ethos appeal thereby associating a sense of credibility and trustworthiness with the brand. Thus celebrities can be used for the following:
• New users: Celebrities in advertising helps in first time users of the products.
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They use a smart strategy to use these celebrities to target the general public who will think that consuming their product will help them emulate their celebrities.
Nike uses around 75 famous sports people to endorse their products. But here they employ a different strategy. They strategically place their products and gears and apparels such as caps, shirts and other sports gears on various teams across various sports to get their presence across all segments of sports. Thus by smart product placements they get visibility and it costs Nike less money as compared to making commercial advertisements.
Sports marketing not only beneficial to the athletes, it is also catering to the brands. Nike got itself associated to Tiger Woods in 1996, prior to which it did not even have a sports brand did not have golf apparel and equipment. By this association, Wood had Nike create a lucrative market for Nike Golf, which was approximately $ 600 million.
Sports marketing does not limit to the most famous sports people. Many sports celebrities endorse products and services to the regional markets. This is done at the local level, for restaurants, dealerships for automobile and other local

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