Gatorade Battery Report

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Did you know that Gatorade and other sports drinks contain electrolytes that can be used in a battery solution? These electrolytes are the same ones that replenish your body after exercise. Gatorade and other drinks have different electrolyte activity rates. That makes the battery either more or less powerful. A battery can be made with more electrolyte containing materials than you think. A battery can be made with anything that has electrolyte activity. Electricity is a class of science which occurs due to the interaction of charges. To simplify the definition, electricity is simply the flow of electrons. Before electricity can be understood, the makeup atoms has to be understood. A nucleus is the dense centre of an atom. A nucleus consists…show more content…
For smaller items such as cell phones, electricity can be produced using a battery. A battery is a tool used to convert chemical reaction into electrical energy. Batteries are made up of three main components. The first component is known as the anode. The anode is negatively charged and electrons flow out through here. The second, or middle layer is the electrolyte. The electrolyte is a liquid or gel solution which reacts with both the anode and the cathode. The cathode is positively charged and electrons flow into the battery through here. When connected to a circuit, a chemical reaction occurs between the anode and the electrolyte. The electrolyte interacts with the anode to produce electrons. The electrolyte and the cathode need additional electrons to react. If both sides are connected with a wire, electrons flow from an anode to the connected device, powering it. Eventually, the chemicals in the battery will even out and the electrons will no longer flow and the battery is simply dead. This is known as equilibrium. Primary cells cannot be recharged once they are dead so they have to be thrown out. An AA alkaline battery is an example of a primary cells. Secondary cells on the other hand can be recharged. Lithium ion is an example of a secondary

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