Gatorade Drink Case Study

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On a daily basis, people buy products and services to satisfy their needs and wants. The process of recognizing their needs and satisfy it with making the purchase decision is called psychological process. This psychological process could be affected through some internal and external forces that influence the buying patterns of the consumer. Consumption pattern may be influence by some motivations that result from the desires and needs such as hunger and thirsty. Word of mouth, subliminal stimuli and the massive attractive advertising campaign will grabs the attention of consumer to a particular product by shaped their perception regarding this particular product that will affect their purchase decision too. Moreover, The learning of a consumer about the product that will come through the experience of using the product will make their sense of satisfaction or dissatisfaction regarding the product and have a significant psychological impact on the consumer behavior. Following report will pay particular attention to three key product I consumed over one week period by looking at the reason for buying those products, advantage and disadvantages of it and the satisfaction or dissatisfaction from my purchase decision of those products. Gatorade Drink. Two years ago, I made a decision to stop drinking soft drinks. This year, I have been encouraged by my friend Hessa to reduce the amount of daily caffeine. I have found Gatorade drink with multi flavors as an alternative to those

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