Gatsby And Daisy's Relationship

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In chapter 7 Gatsby meets Daisy’s daughter Pammy. Tom Buchanan finds out on his own about the affair going in between Daisy and Jay Gatsby. Tom insists on going to town to go drink. Nobody wants to go except for Tom. Tom takes Gatsby 's car with Jordan and Nick and Daisy and Gatsby take Tom 's. Daisy began to speak of how Gatsby is always so cool . Even on a hot summer day like the one that day. Tom stops by Mr. Wilson 's to get some gas because Gatsby had said earlier that he was almost out. Tom lies and says that the yellow car is his own and that he would like to sell it to Mr Wilson. They continue on and meet up and stop in the middle of traffic. Then the confrontation occurs. Gatsby and Tom begin to fight with their words.
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