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The character, Nick Carraway would be portrayed by Timothee Chalamet. Timothee Chalamet is an American actor. He began his career in short films, but he has been getting more exposure especially from the recent Oscars. I believe Timothee would play this role best , because he is so transparent and non judgemental in real life. He is quite young, so he would be very committed and focused on being the best Nick possible. From the films that I have seen with Timothee in them have been absolutely exceptional. The emotion he displays in every film of his is felt by the audience, and I feel that he would bring the same presence in The Great Gatsby. The character, Jay Gatsby would be portrayed by Ian Somerhalder. Ian Somerhalder is also an American actor. He is known for his work in the TV drama Lost and The Vampire Diaries. Throughout his career he is very devoted to his craft, and it shows. I feel that he would be perfect for the role of Jay Gatsby, because in The Vampire Diaries he kind of plays a…show more content…
Michael Malarkey is a British- American actor who is best known for his role on The Vampire Diaries. He plays a cunning character that eventually turns into a very sensitive and caring person. I feel that he would play Wilson very well, because it is such a different role from what he has done in the past. He would show his ability to handle the murder of his wife very well, and exemplify the people in the Valley of Ashes. The character Pammy Buchanan would be played by Millie Bobby Brow. Millie Bobby Brown is an English actress. She caught her fame throught the Netflix series Stranger Things. Eventhough Pammy is not a major charcater in the film, she still symbolizes the love of Daisy and Tom. I feel Millie would play this role best because she is very young, and malleable to whom she portrays. She would give an immense amout of emotion and effort into this role, and make the character more

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