Gatsby Daisy Quotes

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Daisy is unhappy with her marriage to Tom, this leads her to have bursts of unsettlement. Daisy, it seems desires to be with Gatsby, even after he leaves for the war. This leads her to say the day of her wedding,“Daisy’s change’ her mine” (pg 76). Daisy says this after she has been quite drunk,by revealing her true feelings. She during this scene,is described by Jordan who states, “She groped around in a waste-basket she had on her bed and pulled out the string of pearls”(pg 76). Tom tires to buy Daisy with material things, such as the pearls, but ultimately she detests the pearls since they signify her loveless marriage. Earlier on, we find out that Daisy hasn’t been happy with her own marriage, as she states, “Well, I’ve had a very bad time”…show more content…
After spending years married to Tom, she has become used to looking into the material items. When reunited with Gatsby she only points her attention on what he has materialistically: “They’re such beautiful shirts … it makes me sad because I’ve never seen such-such beautiful shirts before” (pg 92). The reason Daisy is so upset is because she acknowledges that she could have had multiple materialistic gains whist being married to Gatsby in a love-filled relationship. When she sees what she could have had her mirage of a perfect life begins to crumble. But this leads to her in the end resorting to her false outward appearance since it is easier for her to fall back into her lie that confront her own truth, that she is unhappy presently. She pretends to be happy with Tom, although she confronts the fact that she does love Gatsby and his material. Gatsby uses the fact that Daisy’s life is filled with materialism to sway her to fall back in love with him. When she first sees Gatsby’s house she exclaims, “that huge place there” (pg 90), showing how the first thing she looks at are the material things, such as how big Gatsby’s house is. (add a final
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