Gatsby House Symbolism

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Home is where the heart is. When you think of home you think about what would make you call a building your home,somewhere that makes you comfortable. Homes are usually all about personality a place that can symbolizes yourself without having to paint it on your front door. A home determines what people think of you. In this case Jay Gatsby’s home didn't say much or less about himself.
Of course Jimmy Gatz has some Jay Gatsby style in his home. In the novel The great Gatsby, his house is just a show for persons viewing. Gatsby’s house shows expensiveness. His home is very sophisticated, it's always unnecessary decoration almost as if he wants to fill his home as if it was his heart. It represents the character of Gatsby, and how he constantly reinvents himself at different points. “Blazing with light...lit from tower to cellar.” This is a symbol of excitement, curiousness and mystery (Fitzgerald 81)….shortly after his symbol of his house change into a dark house with no light but a short of empty death feeling. Gatsby’s house doesn’t symbolize him it symbolizes his mind sit of thinking he could win Daisy over with his wealth and humongous mansion. Gatsby’s home represents him and daisy’s imaginary future together. Gatsby isn’t the only home
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Gatsby has a humongous home that’s not necessarily for him but it’s for the persons view. Tom home is all about expense, class and color. Nick’s home is cozy,comfortable and small. George Wilson home is boring, plain and ordinary. All these characters have different roles and homes. Theses homes help tell the characters apart also tells a little bit about the character without having to read about them. Homes can give first impression rather it’s the boss, family member or president. “Never make your home in a place.” “Make a home for yourself inside your own head.” -”Tad Williams Quote.” BrainyQuote.Xplore.Wed.10
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